Trying to do Better Anniversary Edition CD 

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On April 1st 2023 Scan and SUS1ER released their debut collaborative album “Trying to do Better” and it was lit. On April 1st 2024, they are releasing a CD commerating the date, with new alternate album art and never before seen imagery from the time. There will be a brand new album cover, as well as a back print, a print on the CD, and an inside insert with some words about the album so hopefully you know how to read. 

The CD features many things, namely songs, however, most prominently, new, never before heard songs. Some standouts are River Styx (extended version), a longer version of the hit single which demonstrates Scan getting some shit off his chest; there is an alternate version of Perspective in its original form before it was changed for the album, and most importantly, two songs that were made around the time of the album that didn’t make the final cut. All these songs are pure, unmastered and unmixed, in the form that they were originally birthed in, a moment of vulnerability for Scan and SUS1ER, a rough version not commonly seen before the cameras. These songs most likely will never be released digitally, at least not by the artist, however no one can hurt you if you choose to distribute them yourself. Don’t be the guy who is left without a CD as there will only be a few of these made, while stocks last. You will get bullied if you are caught lacking without a CD and most likely bashed by your peers. 
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