SUS1ER - He’s a producer and a DJ

February 2024
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Independent artist SUS1ER, an Australian electronic producer, covers a vast range of sounds in his music. Although usually basing himself in electronic music as a whole, SUS1ER is arguably most known for his ability to step outside his own comfort zone as well as everyone else’s. He has been working his way across the Australian music scene, playing shows all over the country and has also made an impact in the underground. SUS1ER is known for his roots in Hard Dance music that have spread to genre defying catalog of music, including styles such as UK Drill, Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass and many more. There is not a singular genre that could describe SUS1ER’s music. SUS1ER has also played at a number of parties around Australia including 4D Festival, Pneumatic, Rude Baby, GarbageTV, as well as supporting scene icons including Machine Girl, Donatachi and Laces.
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