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Sydney/Eora-based rapper Scan is an experimental hip-hop artist with a confident and playful persona and influential presence in the underground digital scene. With previous releases like the TreeHuggers EP (2021) breaking him into the underground Soundcloud scene with everything from reflective, self help, inspiring and sometimes outlandish lyricism and captivating beat choices. Followed up by the  Make Peace EP (2022), a collection of fan favorites and previous Soundcloud exclusives, Scan has reinforced a digital persona and unique ability to create eloquent musical guidance and teachings through playful song structures and sweet melodic loops. After the release of several singles with SUS1ER like River Styx, Move and Spend Something, as well as the more recent jersey club hit Shake It, Scan has proved time and time again his ability to perform upon any genre and make it his own. This release schedule was finally brought to completion with Scan & SUS1ER releasing their long awaited album “Trying to do Better” to critical acclaim. After River Styx garnered 100,000+ streams across all platforms, Scan was nominated as FBI Radio’s Next Big Thing and included in a piece by Acclaim Magazine about the 9 underground Australian rappers to watch out for, fans are eagerly waiting for his next move.  
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